Uriele Fiorentini

Uriele calls a client over the phone.
A photo of Uriele speaking with a client over the phone.

Great to meet you, reader. My name is Uriele Fiorentini and I’m the 51-year-old man behind Cardinal Ferrari. The name “Cardinal Ferrari” comes from a childhood nickname I was given, thanks to the bright red hair that I was born with. That color eventually darkened over time to the brown hair I have now. For the past 30 decades, I’ve worked in sales for various companies. Most recently, I’ve opened up my own auto parts company in Virginia and am in charge of all its operations. I work with multiple distribution centers to ship a variety of products, including new technology, to customers all over the Northeast.

The Purpose of This Blog

Although sales and cars are my main passions in life, I have a growing interest in technology, too. Innovative tech has gone hand-in-hand with new car models since I can remember. Some of the most exciting new features include self-driving capabilities, advanced safety features such as collision warnings, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and Wi-Fi hotspots. Sales for these are always very high, as they’re very much in-demand with my clients. They all make driving not only safer, but a more exciting and enjoyable experience. My interest in these features soon led to other types of tech, such as the Internet, social media, computers, and mobile devices.

What You Can Expect

While some forms of technology may have been around for a while, I’m only just becoming acquainted with some of them. I plan to write about different products and features I’m interested in, both old and new. I’m always coming across new things that I think would be fun to write about, and I hope you’ll think they’re interesting. If you have any requests for topics you’d like me to cover, you can always shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from my readers.