Attention! New Gaming Tech: Oculus Rift Will Ship With Lucky’s Tale

techRemember when a gaming console actually came with a new game to play? And we’re not talking about today’s “bundles.” Well, the hottest new gaming console concept is hearkening back to the tech of yesteryear and doing just that. Lucky’s Tale will ship with the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset, for free. Lucky’s Tale is a platform game from Oculus Studios, featuring a whimsical little fox by the name of Lucky.

Wired Magazine and PC Gamer have both gotten to preview the game and were extraordinarily impressed, which is probably part of the reason that Oculus has decided to ship it with the Rift. Wired calls it “mind blowing,” and can’t wait to get their hands on the consumer version. The game play videos are extremely impressive, and show an immersive world that we expect gamers to go crazy for when the Rift finally ships.

While Oculus has yet to announce when they’ll actually make the Rift tech available for consumers, announcements like this are a big hint that that time is fast approaching. Spokespersons have said that we can expect to see the Rift launch in the first quarter of 2016, so we can really expect to hear that the Rift is hitting shelves any time over the next three months. The sooner it launches, the better for Oculus; while VR has been a long time coming and consumers are very excited for it, there’s going to be some seriously stiff competition soon.

Since one of the major hurdles Oculus will face in the gaming market is the lack of games (even, really, a lack of developers for games) for their unique system, it’s good to see that the Rift will ship with a high quality game that has broad appeal. The Playful Team developed the game, and they’ve been creating dozens and dozens of prototype games for the Rift. Now it’s just a matter of Oculus fine-tuning their consumer distribution plans and finally making an announcement. While it probably won’t happen at CES, there have been some heavy hints that Oculus may make the announcement at E3.

Lucky’s Tale isn’t the only free game that Oculus will be including with the Rift, either. EVE: Valkyrie by CCP Games will also be shipping. While Lucky’s Tale is a Spyro-esque platformer, EVE: Valkyrie is a multiplayer aerial shooter—a VR dog fight.

While there are a few contenders out there, the Rift is undeniably the most anticipated virtual reality headset coming. The close second? PlayStation’s VR offering. While the buzz around the Rift headset has been more positive than that around PlayStation’s, Sony may have an easier time wooing developers, thanks to their decades long history as a console heavyweight.

While we don’t know when the Rift will officially ship, we do have an idea of the price tag: $1,500. It’s on the pricey side, but it’s also about what we expected—and we’re glad to see that Oculus is going out of their way with free, included games to make that price a bit more worthwhile.