The Hype Surrounding the Updated Red iPhone 7

While the all-new iPhone is slated to come out soon, it’s worth looking back at an updated version of the iPhone 7. Apple is really pulling out all the stops to market it before the release of the 10th anniversary edition iPhone 8. The iPhone 7 has many advanced features, making it one of the most popular tech gifts in 2016. When equipped with SurePoint Spy, it’s also a helpful tool for parents to keep an eye on their kids. But this spring, Apple rolled out a black version of the iPhone 7. Most recently, it came out with a red version of the iPhone 7 to benefit the RED charity that supports AIDS research. The (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 has the same price range as the other iPhone 7’s. Many carriers are offering special upgrade deals to people who want either the new red or black versions.

Are New Colors Worth The Upgrade?

iPhone SE in rose gold and the iPhone 7 in red.
Rose Gold iPhone SE with the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 is exactly the same as the other models released earlier in the year, so there’s no technical value in buying one of the new colors. All models of the iPhone 7 can support SurePoint Spy, too. But, these new colors mark the first time in a while that there are more options available than just space gray, silver, gold, or rose gold. The iPhone 4 was the last model that had come in black, making these new options very appealing. But if you don’t think that the new color variants are a huge deal, you probably won’t be interested.

Colored iPhones Don’t Have a Great Track Record

The only time that Apple really came out with a broad color selection was when it released the iPhone 5c. This model came in several colors such as white, blue, and pink. The 5c was supposed to be a lower cost version of the iPhone, so it didn’t have quite as many features as the regular models. However, it was still possible to run SurePoint Spy on the 5c. But, the lack in functionality wasn’t what made it undesired – it was the awful colors. They came with plastic cases that couldn’t endure normal use. These plastic cases diluted the colors so they looked washed out and almost pastel. As a result, the iPhone 5c was very unpopular with Apple’s customers, making it a disaster for the company.

Why the iPhone 7’s Colors are Different

On the other hand, consumers love the the iPhone 7’s new colors. Not only are they more attractive, but they’re part of the phone itself, not just cheap plastic cases. The red iPhone 7 has a deep matte finish that makes it seem as if the shade of red changes under different lights. It’s also gotten exceedingly positive reviews from iPhone users who have made the switch. Fans of the black iPhone also say that the color is deep, rich, and fits well with the other colors that are available.

The Colors of Other Apple Devices

There is no word yet on whether or not iPads will have black or red color variants at some point. Because they’re two extremely popular colors, Apple should consider making them a permanent addition to their product line. They’ve created many other (PRODUCT)RED items before in support of (RED). A permanent red iPhone or iPad would be a great way to both expand the collection and donate to charity. Even though the new red iPhone 7 costs as much as the regular edition, a portion of the money goes to an AIDS charity. This makes it a worthwhile purchase if you want to upgrade your current iPhone 7.