Using Amazon Echo During Your Summer Party

What is more fun during the summer than having a party with your friends? Throw an amazing party with the help of Alexa and Amazon Echo. The Echo is capable of so much that you’ll be surprised how easy it is to plan a party in the digital age. The only thing technology can’t do is make your friends show up, so still send them a text message about the party’s whereabouts. Here are some of my tips for having an amazing summer party, with the help of technology.

Finding Recipes

Finding recipes online is easy when you have Alexa as your guide. She can preheat the oven for you, set timers and even check temperatures. It is like having a cooking assistant with you at all times. This is especially useful if you have a smart kitchen and appliances. Throwing a party will be a breeze with all this technology to assist you. When planning a party I get the most stressed about food, so these recipe suggestions will be great. 


amazon echo
Look Up Drink Recipes

Party Playlists

You can’t have a party without good music. People love to dance especially in the summer when it is beautiful out. It also puts people in a good and social mood. To get the party started just tell Amazon Echo to play your summer playlist. I will be including songs from Calvin Harris and other singers with great summer music. When Alexa is taking care of the music, you can enjoy your party more and worry less about being a host. 

Best Alcoholic Drinks

If you’re over 21 there is going to be alcohol and a party. It will lessen your nerves from the busy week and let you have a fun night. Use Alexa to figure out what cocktails and mixed drinks you want at your party. Alexa can help you with everything from the size of the drink to the perfect flavors. I know I love having lighter drinks in the summer. Before you know it you will be nearly a professional bartender making great drinks all summer. 

Getting Rides Home

After having those amazing mixed drinks, make sure your guests get home safely. Last thing they want is to get pulled over after a fun summer night. Just tell Alexa to order an Uber, then you can discreetly help your friend get home. Not one likes to talk about it but no party is worth going to jail for. So, if you plan on drinking have a safe way to get home. This way you can attend the next party as well. Make sure they get home safe. 

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Pick Out Decorations

Cleaning Up

Even though party’s are incredibly fun, they cause quite a mess. Especially when you have new people or strangers who might not care about your house. At the very least there will be empty cups and plates sitting around. Have the Amazon Echo help you clean up by turning on the dishwasher to clean those dishes. Or changing the temperature on the refrigerator for the leftovers. if you enjoyed this, check out my last post about finding the perfect laptop