Which Headphones are for You?

More than ever, we are all searching for a good pair of headphones. Whether for our day job, ones to wear when working out, or just for cleaning the house, we all need a solid pair of headphones and more often than not, we buy products that don’t last. It’s time to make a shift. I decided to take to spy app review websites to see what I can find.

Those that are tired of their standard Apple headphones and want something better to listen to their music with may be at a loss because of the vast number of quality headphones out there that they can choose from. The good news is that there is no wrong choice. There are a lot of quality headphones out there for those that are wanting to upgrade!

Here are 3 headphones that won’t disappoint and are worth your investment.

Which Headphones to Choose


Formally founded in 2006 by Andre Young, better known as Dr. Dre, Beats quickly became a very popular brand name. Dr. Dre has worked in the music industry for some 30 years, working everywhere from the soundboard, the stage and everything in between, he definitely has an ear for what sounds good and what doesn’t!

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Beats by Dre, great headphone option.

The world was very excited when he announced he was coming out with a headphone line. The headphones are stylistic, comfortable and affordable. More importantly, the deliver incredible detail and resolution with the “heavy bass” feel many crave. Dr. Dre sold the company to Apple back in 2014 but still has a big say in the product. These headphones will last and give you what you are looking for in a solid pair of headphones.


Hailing from Park City, UT is action sports enthusiast, business man and product mastermind Rick Adlen. Rick created the company with the intention of making headphones that look as good as they sound, make them affordable enough for any street skater kid to buy, and he wanted them to last beyond a two-month span.

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Skullcandy headphones are lower priced but still have a great sound.

SkullCandy started as a small business, and they have blown up to be a nationally known company with many athletes endorsing them! A big plus is the easy-to-navigate website and extremely helpful customer service. This company is worth looking into and investing in for that personal and perfect pair of headphones, at least that is what the spy app review websites say when I read more into it.

Audio Technica

Another product that I found on spy app review sites included Audio Technica. This is a Japanese company that designs and makes professional microphones, turntables, headphones and other products. If you are willing to drop a bit more cash, these products are worth it. Specifically, their noise cancelling headphones, they work like magic. This company is devoted to comfort and unmatched sound delivery.

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Audio Technica is another great option for headphones.

Many recording studios, musicians and film score writers use Audio Technica products and stand by that they are the best of the best. So, if you are looking for a pair of in-ear or over-ear headphones that have a long-lasting reputation for being the best, look no further.

Final Thoughts

While there are many headphone companies and creators, these three companies are some of the best you can find. Take a look, a listen and decide for yourself, and let me know what you think.