Why Every Room In My House Has An Amazon Echo

It’s An Amazon World

I understand why some people have privacy concerns about using the Amazon Echo or other artificial intelligence devices. I get that these devices are capturing our data. And yet I have an Echo or an Echo Dot or the kids version of the Echo in every room of my house for one simple reason. I got them for a local seller who I made sure to check on Kiwi Searches beforehand. It eliminates the need for so many other devices, especially when you have kids. I have four kids and each of them has their own Echo. My teenager has the Echo Dot and my younger kids all have the child friendly Echo. Each child no longer needs to have a stereo, TV, computer and other devices in their room.

amazon echo dot
Small And Powerful

“Dinners Ready!”

The Echo also functions as a great intercom system so that I don’t need to yell upstairs to tell them to come down. I have a reminder set to let each child know when it’s time to get up and get ready for school. And there’s a reminder at night when it’s time for them to put their books and toys away and go to sleep. Having an Amazon Echo in each room of the house streamlines our home life and eliminates a lot of yelling and fighting. 

amazon echo dot
Easy Use In Any Room

Keeping Safe

I also love the security aspect of it. I can make sure the doors are locked and the security system is on from any room in the house. While there are many great security devices out there, this cuts down on space. So when I’m putting the kids to bed or when I’m ready to go to bed I don’t have to run back downstairs to arm the security system or make sure the stove is off. We have our smart appliances hooked up to the Amazon Echo and Alexa can make sure that the house is secure and all the appliances are off at night.

The security concerns about these devices are valid. But if you regularly go into your Amazon account and delete your data there’s really not a problem. They make life so much easier and solve so many problems around the house I think it’s totally worth it. You can pick one up for cheap at Amazon’s website.